August 19, 2010

News From the Front: 08/19/2010 - Afghanistan

Taliban Continues to Murder Innocent Civilians during Ramadan - Murder of innocent civilians by the Taliban continues despite an appeal to stop the bloodshed during the holy month of Ramadan, issued by Gov. Fazlullah Wahidi, Kunar provincial governor a day before the start of the observance. (READ MORE)

NATO strikes kill 15 militants in Afghanistan - The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Thursday it killed 15 insurgents in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Is Afghanistan graveyard of empires? - It's the mother of all clich├ęs. Almost no one can resist it. It's wielded by everyone from thoughtful ex-generals to vitriolic bloggers. It crops up everywhere from Russia's English-language TV channel to scruffy Pakistani newspapers to America's stately National Public Radio. (READ MORE)

Food supplies most at risk in Africa, Afghanistan - Afghanistan and nations in sub-Saharan Africa are most at risk from shocks to food supplies such as droughts or floods while Nordic countries are least vulnerable, according to an index released on Thursday. (READ MORE)

NATO strikes kill 15 insurgents in Afghanistan - The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Thursday it killed 15 insurgents in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Can an Assassination Campaign Turn the Tide in Afghanistan? - The Obama Administrations new military strategy in Afghanistan may be a sign of desperation — a Hail Mary pass — but it may just work. (READ MORE)

27 freed, 13 killed in raid on secret Taliban prison - Afghan and NATO forces raided a secret prison run by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, freeing 27 inmates and killing 13 people including five prisoners, officials said on Wednesday. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan recruits Iraq-style militia force - The Afghan government said Wednesday it had began recruiting thousands of militiamen to strengthen security forces against a resurgent Taliban in remote villages of the war-torn country. (READ MORE)

Romania shows its support for the U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan - As Romanian military and civilian officials mingled at a VIP reception aboard a yacht that belonged to executed dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, a U.S. Navy band played an American selection: the Gershwins, Cole Porter and Broadway show tunes. (READ MORE)

In Afghanistan, More Attacks on Officials and a Protest Over a Deadly NATO Raid - Violence struck southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, with attacks on government and security officials. There were also allegations that NATO forces had killed two civilians in a night raid in the northeast, although the military sharply disputed that. (READ MORE)

UN health agency calls for stepped-up access to those in need - On the eve of World Humanitarian Day, the United Nations health agency and its partners in Afghanistan are appealing for greater access by and to those most in need of medical assistance. (READ MORE)

Herat’s Provincial Reconstruction Team to Build Three New Schools in Injil, Karokh and Shindand - Three groundbreaking ceremonies for three new schools to be built by the Italian Provincial Reconstruction Team were respectively held in the districts of Injil, Karokh e Shindand. (READ MORE)

Security Forces Nab Taliban, Haqqani, Al Qaeda Insurgent Leaders - Afghan and coalition security forces captured several Haqqani Network and several Talban leaders to include a dual-hatted Taliban sub-commander and Al Qaeda group leader in Afghanistan during 36 separate operations this week. (READ MORE)

Taliban IED Cell Commander Targeted in Zabul - An Afghan and coalition security force detained several suspected insurgents in Zabul province Wednesday while in pursuit of a Taliban commander who leads one of the primary improvised explosive device attack cells in Mizan district. (READ MORE)

Security Force Targets Taliban Commander in Logar - An Afghan and coalition security force conducted operations in Logar province Wednesday while in pursuit of a Taliban commander associated with the Kabul Attack Network. (READ MORE)

Security Force Targets RPG Attack Network in Kunar - An Afghan and coalition security force pursued several Jama'at ul Dawa al-Qu'ran commanders responsible for planning and conducting attacks and propaganda campaigns in Kunar province Wednesday. (READ MORE)

Dragoons Save Local Businessman’s Cargo - It was shaping up to be a routine Tuesday morning, August 10th, for the Regimental Personal Security Detail of the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment. It was convoy trip with the regimental commander and command sergeant major to survey the damage caused by recent flooding to several bridges within the Zabul province. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan to shut 900 polling centres on security fears - More than 900 polling centres for Afghanistan's parliamentary elections next month will not open because of security fears, an official said. (READ MORE)

Airstrikes kill Taliban commander near Kabul, says Nato - Nato aircraft struck insurgent strongholds near the Afghan capital which the military said today killed two dozen rebels, including a Taliban commander, as a foreign soldier lost his life in bomb attack in the south. (READ MORE)

Taliban attack road crew in south Afghanistan - Taliban fighters attacked a road construction crew Thursday in southern Afghanistan and several people were killed and wounded, officials and witnesses said. (READ MORE)

An Airline Magazine That Makes Travelers Want to Pull the Rip Cord - Safi Airways, a start-up Afghan airline, ventures where few air carriers dare to go: Its in-flight magazine tells the ugly truth about the place where you're about to land. (READ MORE)

Sniper in Afghan Town Puts Marines on Edge - Somewhere in this dusty town, concealed among the cornfields, irrigation canals and mud-walled compounds, is a man the Marines particularly want to kill. (READ MORE)

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