August 23, 2010

News from the Front: 08/23/2010 - Afghanistan

NATO: 4 foreign troops killed in Afghanistan - Roadside bombs killed four members of the international security force in Afghanistan on Monday, including one American and a Hungarian who died in an ambush. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan Foreign Minister to visit India on Aug 24 - Afghanistan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rassoul, who will arrive in India on a three-day visit on Tuesday, will call on Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and reportedly discuss ways to battle the common threat with Kabul openly charging Pakistan's military-intelligence establishment of harbouring the Taliban and Al Qaeda. (READ MORE)

For Americans, al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan just an afterthought - Although American officials have often said that al-Qaeda is a marginal player on the Afghan battlefield, an analysis of 76,000 classified military reports posted by WikiLeaks underscores the extent to which this terror network has become just an afterthought for the Americans in the war. (READ MORE)

Analysis Doubts over new Afghan security strategy - Jobless rural youth are the focus of a new Afghan security plan designed to help defeat Taliban insurgents mostly in the south, east and southeast of the country. (READ MORE)

Petraeus says Taliban momentum reversed - U.S. General David Petraeus said yesterday that the international troops he commands in Afghanistan have turned the tide on the Taliban's "momentum" there, although he warned tough battles still lay ahead. (READ MORE)

Documentary of Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan likely to revive debate - Six years after San Jose, Calif., native and football star Pat Tillman was shot to death on an Afghanistan hillside, a new, high-profile documentary is likely to bring the controversy over how he died and the military's bungled attempt at a coverup back to the forefront of public debate. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan Cites Abuse in Moves Against Agencies - Afghan officials on Monday sought to shift the blame onto their Western critics in an escalating dispute over presidential meddling in the arrest of a top aide on corruption charges. (READ MORE)

Home ground hands Taliban cutting edge - AS US Lieutenant Colonel Peter Benchoff prepares for an assault next month into the birthplace of the Taliban, he doesn't mince words. (READ MORE)

Three cops killed in friendly fire, 8 civilians die in bombing Three ISAF, five ANA soldiers perish in landmine blasts - Three Afghan policemen were killed by friendly fire and a woman and two children were killed accidentally in fighting in separate incidents in Afghanistan, NATO said Saturday. (READ MORE)

Taliban Intensify Attacks Against Afghan Police - A Taliban campaign focusing on the Afghan police appears to have intensified in recent days, with five attacks reported Saturday in which at least 15 policemen were killed throughout the country. (READ MORE)

21 killed in series of Afghanistan attacks - Scattered violence ranging from airstrikes to roadside bombings killed at least 21 people over a 48-hour span, including U.S. troops, Afghan children and members of the Afghan security forces, officials said Saturday. (READ MORE)

Taliban Attack Afghan Guards in Deadly Raid - Taliban fighters in a rural area near the Helmand River staged an audacious nighttime raid early Thursday, swooping down on several hundred sleeping Afghan private security guards who were securing a road construction project, and killing at least 21, according to guards who escaped. (READ MORE)

Afghan pres defends move to disband security firms - President Hamid Karzai on Sunday defended his decision to disband private security firms, saying they were undermining Afghanistan's police and army and contributing to corruption. (READ MORE)

Karzai Admits Helping Free Aide Accused of Graft - President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan acknowledged Sunday for the first time that he had personally intervened to free a top political aide who had been detained on graft charges by two American-backed Afghan anticorruption units. (READ MORE)

Karzai: Anti-corruption units can be independent - Afghanistan's president pledged Friday to let Western-backed anti-corruption teams pursue investigations free from political interference following two rounds of candid talks with U.S. Sen. John Kerry that the lawmaker said were marked by "sometimes tough" conversation. (READ MORE)

Taliban Commander Among Insurgents Killed in Zabul Province - The International Security Assistance Force confirmed Saad Khan, a Taliban commander, was one of the two insurgents killed during an Afghan and coalition force operation Friday. (READ MORE)

Numerous Insurgents Killed and Weapons Recovered - Afghan National Security Forces and coalition forces conducted a combined operation in Baghlan province Sunday leading to the deaths of 12 insurgents and the seizure of weapons. (READ MORE)

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