August 30, 2010

News from the Front: 08/30/2010 - Pakistan

Floodwaters in south Pakistan 'begin to recede' - Emergency officials in Pakistan say water levels in flood-stricken southern Pakistan are beginning to recede. (READ MORE)

Another levee breach threatens south Pakistan city - Floodwaters made another break Saturday in the levees protecting a southern Pakistani city as thousands of residents fled for high ground and left the city nearly empty. (READ MORE)

Pakistan on 'war footing' to save city - Pakistani troops and workers were on a "war footing" Sunday as they battled to save the southern city of Thatta after most of the population of 300,000 fled advancing flood waters. (READ MORE)

Livestock losses from floods add to catastrophe in Pakistan - Many of the people in this northwestern village are back at their mud-caked plots. Many of their strapping black buffaloes are not, having been washed away by the floods still displacing millions of people in the country's south. (READ MORE)

Muslims donate nearly $1 billion to Pakistan - Muslim countries, organizations and individuals have pledged nearly $1 billion in cash and relief supplies to help Pakistan respond to the worst floods in the nation's history, the head of a group of Islamic states said Sunday. (READ MORE)

U.S. drone strikes kill 3 militants in Pakistan - Three suspected militants were killed when a suspected U.S. drone fired four missiles on two vehicles in Pakistan's tribal region, Pakistan intelligence officials told CNN Friday. (READ MORE)

US drone strike kills 4 militants in Pak: officials - A US drone strike Saturday killed four militants in Pakistan's northwestern tribal belt near the Afghan border, security officials said. (READ MORE)

Taliban leader found dead in Kabal - The bodies of a key Taliban commander and of another terrorist were found on Sunday, police said. (READ MORE)

Pakistan militants surrender after hostage drama - Islamic militants who overpowered their guards and took them hostage during interrogation at an army building in northwest Pakistan Saturday have surrendered, the army said. (READ MORE)

Pakistan security forces end hostage drama - Security forces stormed an army intelligence office in northwestern Pakistan on Saturday and freed two people who had been taken hostage by escaped militant prisoners, officials said. (READ MORE)

Upstarts Chip Away at Power of Pakistani Elite - In Pakistan, where politics has long been a matter of pedigree, Jamshed Dasti is a mongrel. (READ MORE)

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