August 31, 2010

News from the Front: 08/31/2010 - Iraq

An Iraqi Mother Finds Her Eldest Son, Where She Least Wants To - This video follows an Iraqi family from the moment they discover the eldest son’s body in Baghdad’s morgue, to his unmarked grave in Najaf’s Valley of Peace cemetery. (READ MORE)

Embedistan: Reporting With or Without the Military - I am not sure who came up with the name, but if ever there was a place whose moniker did not fit it was Camp Happy. (READ MORE)

Obama to Address US on Iraq Transition - President Barack Obama will address the American people on Tuesday about the new advisory and training role for the U.S. military in Iraq. (READ MORE)

Obama Must Walk Fine Line In Iraq Speech - President Barack Obama must walk a fine line in a speech on Tuesday night as he highlights progress towards winding down the war in Iraq while trying to avoid any perception of a "Mission Accomplished" moment. (READ MORE)

Tuesday Marks Formal End of US Combat Mission in Iraq - The United States on Tuesday, August 31 at a formal ceremony in Baghdad will end its combat mission in Iraq and complete the U.S. military's transition to an advisory and training role in support of Iraqi forces. (READ MORE)

Biden Arrives in Iraq to Mark Troop Drawdown - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Iraq on Monday as U.S. troops prepared to mark the Obama Administration's formal end to U.S. combat operations. (READ MORE)

As U.S. ends combat operations, Iraqis move to protect themselves from violence - Four days after his brother was murdered in a Baghdad robbery this month, Muntather Shaker borrowed $1,500 and bought a pistol. He carries it in his back pocket, sleeps with it under his pillow and is ready to use it to defend his family. (READ MORE)

Mysterious killings spread panic in Iraq - It has been a month now and still there are no answers. There is just a father gripping the photographs of his son. (READ MORE)

Fearing the Future, Few Iraqis Cheer US Departure - As Vice President Joe Biden presides over the formal end to U.S. combat operations in Iraq, few Iraqis are cheering the American exit. (READ MORE)

Restoring Names to Iraq War’s Unknown Casualties - In a pastel-colored room at the Baghdad morgue known simply as the Missing, where faces of the thousands of unidentified dead of this war are projected onto four screens, Hamid Jassem came on a Sunday searching for answers. (READ MORE)

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