August 2, 2010

News From the Home Front: 08/02/2010

News From the Home Front

[Ed Note: I'm doing something a little different this month, as each section of the standard From the Front post will be it's own post. This is the news post where you can find news articles related to the Home Front.]

U.S. trying to protect Afghan informants after leaks - The top U.S. military officer says the Pentagon is trying to protect Afghans who may be at risk from Taliban retaliation following the publication of tens of thousands of secret war documents. (READ MORE)

Mass. Guardsmen preparing for deployment, Afghan mission - National Guard Sergeant Major Jeffrey Baillargeon got his first taste of combat more than two decades ago when he parachuted into Panama to help overthrow a military dictator. Previously, he had only seen portrayals of war and death in movies. (READ MORE)

Thousands send off 181st Infantry to Afghanistan - Thousands of family members and friends have given a send-off to more than 650 soldiers headed for Afghanistan where they will provide security and help build public works projects. (READ MORE)

U.S. Defense Secretary: Taliban don't have stinger missiles - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday dismissed reports that Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan use anti-aircraft stinger missiles similar to those directed against Soviet forces in the 1980s. (READ MORE)

Gates, Mullen Reaffirm Commitment to Afghanistan, Pakistan - Conditions on the ground in Afghanistan will determine when, and to what degree, U.S. forces in that country will draw down, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said today. (READ MORE)

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