August 3, 2010

You Can Support the Troops Just By Listening to a Song and Sharing it With Your Friends!

As one of the musical artists involved in Voices of a Grateful Nation (a partner of Soldiers’ Angels), Jesse Dayton has been using his talent to support the troops. His heart-rending song, I’m Comin’ Home, has been featured on the organization’s musical CDs, which help fund activities that use music to help returning and wounded soldiers re-acclimate and recover. Now he’s asking for a little help—all you have to do is listen!

I’m Comin’ Home has received rave reviews from soldiers and military families, and now has the attention of (Country Music Television). The video is playing on the station’s website and is linked to a PSA about the efforts of Soldiers’ Angels and Voices of a Grateful Nation to use music to support the troops. If the video hits at least 1,000 plays per day, it will be put—along with a bit about the PSA—on the regular rotation of music videos on CMT itself! This will be a tremendous way to spread the word about Soldiers’ Angels and supporting the troops as they return home!

All revenue Jesse receives from “I’m Coming Home” will go to support the new music therapy project at Soldiers’ Angels. Simply watching these great videos is a powerful way to help! You can learn more about the video and the music therapy project at

Please take the time to enjoy this beautiful music, then share it with your friends--post it on Facebook, blog it, email it... and let's get on CMT!

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