September 3, 2010

Friday Photo - Gurka Mortars

Photo: Corporal Gary Kendall RLC/MOD 2010

G (Tobruk) Company who operates from FOB Khar Nikar, is a Gurkha Reinforcement Company attached to 1st Battalion, The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire) for two years. For the duration of the existence of the company, they are a Mercian Company in all respects. Clearly, they bring with them their special Gurkha heritage and the symbiosis of the men of Nepal and North West England has generated a fruitful relationship.

In Afghanistan, this has naturally meant that the Support Company elements, in the form of mortars and Fire Support Group (FSG), has derived from 1 Mercian, leading to British and Gurkha soldiers working alongside each other in close co-operation. The provision of heavy weapons and mortars to the men on the ground has been very welcome. Additionally, the FSG elements have been reconstituted into a patrolling multiple in their own right and this has necessitated a close relationship between the various multiples.

H/T: Helmand Blog - Afghanistan

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