September 16, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally Raises $5.8 Million for SOWF

Through its partnership with radio/television talk show host Glenn Beck, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is pleased to announce they have raised $5.8 million, far exceeding the original goal of $3 million, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Glenn Beck fans.

The public and businesses were moved by a series of radio and television promotions through the Glenn Beck Program which highlighted the foundation's programs to provide support and assistance to the families of wounded and fallen military special operations personnel. The SOWF was recently awarded its fifth consecutive 4-star rating for its financial efficiency. The promotion campaign, which included an online auction featuring collectible items, culminated with the Restoring Honor Rally held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, on Aug. 28.

"The outpouring of public support to the foundation and the men and women serving in the military has been incredibly heart-warming,” said John T. Carney, Jr. SOWF President. "Glenn Beck led the charge to make sure America never forgets the sacrifices of our fallen and wounded military personnel, and now thanks to Glenn's efforts the foundation's noble cause is known by millions of people across the country.

The Foundation, along with Glenn Beck staffers, worked together for the past eight months to produce a high-quality event while responsibly managing the expenses, including getting certain items donated or greatly discounted.

"While the expenses and donations are still being finalized, we are confident that the total amount raised will be significant,” said Carney. "Also just as important and meaningful are the number of new donors and supporters that the event attracted.”

Funds raised will go towards programs supporting the families of fallen and wounded special operations personnel, including college educations for the surviving children and immediate financial assistance for the families of severely wounded troops. Last year the foundation provided $2.7 million in scholarship grants, academic and financial counseling to its families, including 118 students enrolled in colleges and universities across the country.

Because surviving children are often very young, the foundation invests funds for when those children reach college age.

"We made a promise to that service member that we will provide his or her children with a college education – even if it is 15 or 18 years down the road.”

That is what makes the Special Operations Warrior Foundation different from other scholarship charities. The SOWF has a pro-active program to include each of the eligible families into its programs through the outreach of its school psychologist, invitations to special events, birthday cards, and phone calls.

"We let them know that we are part of their extended family, and they can contact us for any reason,” explained Carney.

With more than 100 students eligible for college each year, the foundation's financial need, as determined by a professional actuarial corporation is $76 million. The SOWF currently has $29 million in its investment portfolio.

"Thanks to Glenn Beck and his supporters, the Foundation has seen a significant increase in donations that will go a long way toward fulfilling the foundation's commitments today and in the future,” said Carney.

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Bob Bartlett said...

Yes, it is the generosity of a grateful American people that warms the heart. But give Glen Beck credit for his courage in leading with his heart and his mind. I wish I could support more causes but I know that it is just as important to spread the word about patriotism and sacrifice. My dad was a much decorated veteran in the British army who died of old age. But I know he would be proud of me in supporting the troops and their families.