September 1, 2010

News from the Front: 09/01/2010 - Afghanistan

5 more American troops die in Afghan fighting - Five more American troops were killed in action in Afghanistan on Tuesday, ending the month with a spike in bloodshed that has claimed the lives of 19 U.S. service members in only four days. (READ MORE)

Attacks on U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan Intensify - Five American service members were killed in attacks in eastern and southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, according to the NATO-led international forces. (READ MORE)

Seven U.S. troops killed in south Afghan bombings - Seven U.S. troops were killed in two separate roadside bomb attacks in southern Afghanistan on Monday, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said. (READ MORE)

Taliban footprint 'spreading': Petraeus - The US commander of the Afghan war acknowledged Tuesday that the Taliban were expanding their footprint across the country even as foreign forces close in on their traditional southern strongholds. (READ MORE)

3 Oxfam workers killed in northeastern Afghanistan - Oxfam has suspended operations in a northeastern Afghan province after two of its staff members and a community volunteer were killed there last week, the aid agency said. (READ MORE)

President Obama turns the page – to Afghanistan - It is time to turn the page on the war in Iraq, President Barack Obama said from the Oval Office Tuesday night, but he only grudgingly acknowledged the unavoidable next page in his reluctant war presidency: Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Afghan central bank insists Kabul Bank is sound - Afghanistan's central bank tried to shore up confidence in the country's biggest financial institution Wednesday after its top executives resigned amid allegations of mismanagement and corruption. (READ MORE)

6 more American troops die in Afghan fighting - Six more American troops were killed in action in Afghanistan, ending August with a spike in bloodshed that has claimed the lives of 19 U.S. service members in only four days. (READ MORE)

Bomb attack kills Afghan Muslim religious leader - A bomb attack Wednesday in Afghanistan's volatile southern city of Kandahar killed the director of the local office responsible for arranging pilgrimages to Islamic holy sites, police said. (READ MORE)

Poison gas confirmed as cause of sickness at Afghan girls’ schools - Blood tests have confirmed that a series of cases of mass sickness at girls’ schools across the country over the past two years were caused by a powerful poison gas, an Afghan official said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

UK firm ordered to quit Afghanistan - A BRITISH security company which guards a major US headquarters and NATO bases across Afghanistan has been ordered to cease trading, surrender its weapons and leave the country immediately amid allegation of weapons smuggling. (READ MORE)

Afghan corruption heats up tensions with U.S. - A bribery probe involving a top adviser to President Hamid Karzai has angered the Afghan leader and threatens to damage U.S. relations with Kabul just three months after a White House visit that seemed to smooth ties at a critical stage in the war. (READ MORE)

We won't keep India out, says Afghan NSA - Afghanistan National Security Adviser Rangin Dadfar Spanta on Tuesday reiterated the need for New Delhi remaining intimately engaged with Kabul in order to help it develop infrastructure, train civil servants and provide guidance on the global stage. (READ MORE)

Two dead, 12 injured as Taliban attack SC workers - Taliban attacked a vehicle of Supreme Court on Tuesday morning in Mosahi district of Kabul province, killing two and wounding 12 workers, interior ministry said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

18 Taliban killed during operation - Coalition and Afghan forces killed 18 suspected Taliban yesterday during a joint operation in restive eastern Kunar province, local authorities said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

Taliban Shadow Governor Targeted in Helmand - An Afghan and coalition security force detained several insurgents in Helmand province Tuesday while in pursuit of a Taliban shadow governor in Musa Qal'ah district. (READ MORE)

Suicide Bomber Detained During Kunduz Operation - Afghan and coalition security forces assessed one of the insurgents detained in Kunduz province Tuesday was planning to carry out a suicide attack in the near future. (READ MORE)

Afghan Bank's Managers Are Ousted - Afghanistan's central bank forced out the two top executives of the country's largest bank and replaced them with one of its own officials, fearing the financial institution, partly owned by a brother of President Hamid Karzai, is dangerously short of cash and could falter, Afghan and U.S. officials said. (READ MORE)

Troubles at Afghan Bank Jolt Financial System - The Afghan government intervened to shore up a deeply troubled bank on Tuesday, sending shock waves through the capital and prompting fears that Afghanistan’s pervasive corruption had now put the country’s entire financial system at risk. (READ MORE)

Afghan central bank stands by controversial lender - Afghanistan's government will "never" allow the country's biggest bank to collapse, the central bank governor said Wednesday, following US media allegations of corruption at the well-connected lender. (READ MORE)

The courage of Afghan schoolgirls - Last week, newspapers around the world reported how yet another school for Afghan girls was attacked. Some sort of gas was released, sickening numerous young girls. These sorts of attacks are becoming ever more common in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan bomb attacks kill twenty-one US soldiers in 48 hours - A series of bomb attacks have badly hit US troops in eastern and southern Afghanistan in the past 48 hours. The death toll among in the Nato-led coalition has reached 484 this year and is predicted to far surpass 2009’s total of 521. (READ MORE)

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