September 1, 2010

News from the Home Front: 09/01/2010

The True Costs Of The Iraq And Afghanistan Wars - The absence of a conscript army in the United States somewhat isolates the mainstream of society from military life and war experiences; the ongoing military campaigns in Iraq or Afghanistan, and their casualties, do not directly affect most residents. (READ MORE)

Aussies end Afghan asylum seeker protest - Australian police today ended a mass break out and seven-hour demonstration by 92 Afghans protesting against lengthy detentions at an immigration jail in the northern tropical city of Darwin. (READ MORE)

Robert Gates calls for patience in Afghanistan - Defense Secretary Robert Gates called on a war-weary American public Tuesday for patience in Afghanistan, arguing that after years of neglect the U.S. had finally devoted the necessary resources to a conflict that had long been overshadowed by the Iraq war. (READ MORE)

Obama insists Afghan transition will begin July 2011 - US President Barack Obama on Tuesday insisted that a drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan would begin as planned in July 2011, as he marked the end of the US combat mission in Iraq. (READ MORE)

Barbara Boxer pushes for Afghan exit strategy - Sen. Barbara Boxer said Tuesday that she remains deeply concerned that "we don't yet have an exit strategy" in Afghanistan and promised she will "push hard" to make sure the White House produces a detailed plan. (READ MORE)

Oregon Guard suit against KBR goes forward on hexavalent chromium exposure - A federal judge ruled Monday that a lawsuit by Oregon Army National Guard veterans against war contractor Kellogg Brown & Root can proceed. (READ MORE)

Does Bush deserve more credit for Iraq? - President Obama made brief mention of his predecessor Tuesday night, but the end of combat operations in Iraq has some wondering whether former President George W. Bush deserves more acclaim for having left in place the framework Mr. Obama is following to wind down the war. (READ MORE)

Combat, Hardship Pays Remain for Troops Serving in Iraq - The change from Operation Iraqi Freedom to Operation New Dawn does not affect combat and other hazardous-duty entitlements troops serving in Iraq receive, a Pentagon spokeswoman said today. (READ MORE)

Appeals Court Backs Away From War Powers Ruling - A federal appeals court on Tuesday unanimously upheld the detention of a Guantánamo prisoner from Yemen. But lurking just beneath the surface of its ruling was a sharp disagreement among the judges over the scope and limits of presidential power. (READ MORE)

Guantanamo Trial of Canadian to Resume in October - The trial of the youngest detainee at Guantanamo Bay will resume in October following a two-month delay caused by the sudden illness of his attorney, a Pentagon spokeswoman said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

Suit Challenges Reach of U.S. 'Targeted Killings' - Civil-liberties groups filed a lawsuit Monday challenging the legality of the Obama administration's expansion of the U.S. fight against al Qaeda terrorists beyond Pakistan and Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

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