October 5, 2010

News from the Front: 10/05/2010 - Pakistan

Eight German al-Qaeda terrorists killed in US drone attack in Pakistan - Eight German militants, who were taking training from the Taliban, have reportedly been killed in a U.S. missile strike close to the Afghan border in Pakistan. (READ MORE)

NATO urges Pak to reopen blocked Afghan supply route "as soon as possible" - Pakistan has expressed its deep concern to NATO over the its territory violations and the recent cross-border air attacks by NATO and ISAF forces, whereas NATO has expressed regret over the death of 3 soldiers in one of its air raids, and urged Pakistan to reopen the concerned supply route "as soon as possible". (READ MORE)

It's alarming that Taliban can attack us, Pakistani daily - It is an 'alarming thought' that the Taliban is still able to stage terrorist strikes across the country despite the war against terror, an editorial in a Pakistani daily said after the group claimed responsibility for attacks on two NATO oil tankers. (READ MORE)

Dramatic footage shows NATO air strike in Pakistan - Dramatic footage of the attack last week that killed three troopers and led to Islamabad blocking a key supply route to Afghanistan shows a NATO aircraft hovering over a security post inside Pakistan before blowing it up. (READ MORE)

NATO convoys attacked in separate strikes in Pakistan - Militants carried out two new attacks on NATO convoys in Pakistan on Monday as the government closure of a vital entry point into Afghanistan continued for a fifth day, underscoring the fragility of the coalition forces' most important war supply route. (READ MORE)

Pakistan, US Tensions Spike After Border Closure - Hundreds of U.S. and NATO trucks carrying fuel and other supplies for troops in Afghanistan lie idle. Dramatic images of Taliban attacks on these convoys are splashed across front pages in this anti-American country with a U.S.-allied government. (READ MORE)

Congress getting frustrated with Pakistan as a war ally - The closure of a key supply route for coalition forces in Afghanistan, a spate of attacks on NATO fuel tankers and criticism of U.S. drone strikes are fueling frustration in Congress over Pakistan's performance as an ally in the war against militants. (READ MORE)

White House Reiterates Support for Pakistan, Afghanistan - The White House says President Barack Obama still considers Pakistan a strong ally in the fight against extremist forces. (READ MORE)

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