October 7, 2010

News from the Front: 10/07/2010 - Afghanistan

Afghan Taliban talks appear to be gathering steam - The Washington Post has claimed that the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai has been having secret peace talks with the Taliban, as a way of finding a way out of the long-running war. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan's future uncertain as US war enters 10th year - The US-led war in Afghanistan entered its 10th year Thursday, its future uncertain with no end in sight to the Islamist insurgency that has spread across the country. (READ MORE)

Taliban claim responsibility for attack on NATO tankers in Quetta - The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the arson attack on the NATO tankers near the Akhtarabad terminal in Quetta. (READ MORE)

Sizing up the Afghanistan strategy - With the administration set to review its Afghanistan strategy this fall, some officials foresee a more pointed effort to reassess the mission that could lead to a directive to bring a large number of troops home next summer. (READ MORE)

Afghan women need seat at the table - As Washington looks for a graceful end to its longest war — today is the ninth anniversary — talk about reconciliation between the Kabul government and the Taliban forces is growing louder in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Afghan peace council first meeting - President Hamid Karzai is hosting the inaugural session of a new Afghan peace council set up to guide efforts to reconcile with the Taliban and other insurgent groups. (READ MORE)

Takhar district Taliban leader killed in precision air strike - Coalition forces conducted a precision airstrike and follow-on operation in Takhar Wednesday, killing Maulawi Jawadullah, the Taliban district leader for Yangi Qalah of Takhar, along with seven of his associates. (READ MORE)

Taliban safe havens, explosives caches cleared in Arghandab - Coalition forces conducted precision strikes on known homemade explosives factories and followed with a joint-force deliberate clearing operation aimed at disrupting the Taliban's freedom of movement in Kandahar province Wednesday. (READ MORE)

Second Shadow Governor Killed in 2 days in Northern Afghanistan - Afghan and coalition forces killed Mullah Ismail, the Taliban shadow governor of Badghis province, and Abdul Hakim, a Taliban senior leader in Badghis, during an operation in the province Wednesday. (READ MORE)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Crashes in Paktika Province - An unmanned aerial vehicle crashed in Paktika province Thursday. The vehicle is a lightweight, medium-range reconnaissance and surveillance UAV system and contains no weapons or intelligence that could be exploited by enemy forces. (READ MORE)

U.S. and Afghans at odds over Kabul Bank reform - The United States and Afghan President Hamid Karzai are at odds over a proposed investigation into Kabul Bank and how to clean up the tottering but politically connected financial institution, according to U.S. and Afghan officials. (READ MORE)

Afghan officials deny high-level talks with Taliban - Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government Wednesday denied reports that secret high-level talks with the Taliban had begun, although signals from various quarters suggested that back-channel contacts with the insurgency were gathering momentum. (READ MORE)

Despite rising doubts at home, troops in one corner of Afghanistan see signs of progress - One recent night, a buried bomb sliced through a hulking military vehicle near here, killing two U.S. soldiers. Last month, the Taliban murdered an Afghan man, stuffed his nose with cash, placed a Koran in his hands and hung his body from a tree. (READ MORE)

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