October 7, 2010

News from the Front: 10/07/2010 - Pakistan

US apologises to Pak over NATO cross-border helicopter attack - The United States' Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson, has apologised for last Thursday's NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) cross-border helicopter attack that killed two Pakistani soldiers close to the Afghan border. (READ MORE)

Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Still Closed, Despite U.S. Apology - Pakistan said Thursday it has not decided when to reopen a key border crossing NATO uses to ship supplies to Afghanistan despite a U.S. apology for a helicopter attack that killed two Pakistani soldiers. (READ MORE)

Taliban destroy over 50 NATO vehicles in Pakistan - More than 50 oil tankers carrying fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan were destroyed in two separate Taliban attacks in Pakistan, a media report said. (READ MORE)

Pakistan not doing enough to confront Taliban, says US - While claiming in public that Pakistan is working hard to crack down on militants, a private White House review suggests it is not doing nearly enough to confront the Taliban and Al Qaeda. (READ MORE)

Pakistan allows Afghan trucks up to Wagah - Pakistan has granted permission to Afghan trucks to carry export goods to the Wagah border for onward dispatch to India, a minister said. (READ MORE)

Taliban destroys 55 NATO tankers in Pakistan - In its latest offensive, Taliban militants have set at least 55 NATO tankers on fire in north-west Pakistan. (READ MORE)

NATO says Afghan war not hurt by supply route woes - Pakistan's closure of a key supply line for NATO troops in Afghanistan, and militant attacks on tankers plying second route have "not impeded" the military effort in Afghanistan, a NATO spokesman said on Thursday. (READ MORE)

Pakistan Urges On Taliban - Members of Pakistan's spy agency are pressing Taliban field commanders to fight the U.S. and its allies in Afghanistan, some U.S. officials and Afghan militants say, a development that undercuts a key element of the Pentagon's strategy for ending the war. (READ MORE)

Pakistan roadblock cuts off Taliban funds - The Pakistani government's decision to shut a key supply route for coalition convoys in Afghanistan also has cut off a source of income for Taliban militants and a trucking racket that reap big profits from a cross-border "protection." (READ MORE)

Bad Coordination Blamed for NATO Attack on Pakistanis - A joint NATO-Pakistani investigation has concluded that better cross-border coordination could have avoided the incident last week in which a NATO helicopter crew based in Afghanistan fired on a Pakistani border post and killed two members of the Frontier Scouts. (READ MORE)

Pakistan keeps Afghan border crossing closed to NATO convoys - Pakistan kept a key border crossing into Afghanistan closed to NATO convoys Thursday, despite U.S. apologies for a fatal airstrike that killed or wounded six Pakistani soldiers and prompted the blockade. (READ MORE)

Pak Cabinet approves transit trade agreement with Afghanistan - Pakistan's federal cabinet has approved the Pakistan-Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement, according to which, while Afghan trucks would be allowed access up to the Wagah border, they could carry only Pakistani export goods back to their country. (READ MORE)

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