October 25, 2010

News from the Front: 10/25/2010 - Afghanistan

Karzai says his office gets cash from Iran, US - Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Monday that once or twice a year, Iran gives his office $700,000 to $975,000 for official presidential expenses and that Washington also provides "bags of money" because his office lacks funds. (READ MORE)

Afghan peace talks will fail without Pak's support, threaten security officials - Frustrated over Pakistan not having been included in the ongoing Afghan reconciliation talks with the Taliban to end the war now in its tenth year, Pakistani security officials have warned that a sustainable peace agreement will not be possible without their support. (READ MORE)

Nato air strike kills "Afghan civilians" - About 25 people may have been killed in a NATO air strike in southern Afghanistan on Monday, an Afghan official said. (READ MORE)

Suicide, Roadside Attacks Kill Five, Injure 10 In Afghanistan - Afghan authorities say suicide- and roadside-bomb attacks have killed five people and injured 10. (READ MORE)

Russia supports greater role by India in Afghanistan - Russia has expressed support for a greater role by India in Afghanistan, saying that both Russia and India were on the "same side" in their fight against international terrorism. (READ MORE)

Coalition forces kill 15 in raid targeting senior Taliban leader - Afghan and coalition forces killed 15 insurgents in a raid targeting a senior Taliban leader, the NATO-led force in Afghanistan said. (READ MORE)

Brown slams lack of Afghan exit strategy - Greens Leader Bob Brown has criticised the Prime Minister for failing to provide a clear exit strategy for Australian troops serving in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

E. Afghanistan police post attacked by suicide car bomb, policeman killed - Anti-government militants carried out a suicide car bomb attack against police post in Khost province east of Afghanistan on Monday, a local official said. (READ MORE)

Karzai refuses to end private security ban despite cash loss threat - Afghan President Hamid Karzai is standing by his decree to dissolve the private security companies some aid organizations use for protection, although a delegation of Western diplomats warned Sunday that huge amounts of aid and development money could be affected. (READ MORE)

Taliban to shift base to Afghanistan if Pak Army launches N.Waziristan operation - Amid increasing US pressure on Pakistan to act swiftly against terrorist sanctuaries in its tribal areas along the Afghan border, the local Taliban council has declared that the militants will move into Afghanistan if the army launches an operation in North Waziristan. (READ MORE)

UN will help, but not discuss, Afghan peace talks - The United Nations' top diplomat in Afghanistan said on Sunday he will help with efforts to find a negotiated end to a war he believes has no military solution, but he will not discuss progress. (READ MORE)

Iran Sends Cash to Gain Influence in Afghanistan - A senior NATO intelligence source has told CBS News that Iran has been buying influence over the Karzai government with bags of cash. (READ MORE)

Observers say Karzai-Taliban peace talks 'mostly hype' - Observers of the evolving situation in war-torn Afghanistan have said the recent moves by the U.S.-led NATO coalition force to facilitate peace talks between a council appointed by President Hamid Karzai and the Taliban leaders are mere hype, and scarcely more than exchanges of cash and prisoners. (READ MORE)

UN Security Council Condemns Herat Attack - The United Nations Security Council has condemned an attack on a UN compound in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Pakistan resists U.S. push on Taliban - Pakistan's foreign minister said Sunday that his country will deal with a key Taliban sanctuary along the Afghan border on its own timeline despite increasing U.S. pressure to move swiftly to help turn around the war in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Loudon firm EODT sued for $3M, accused of stealing shelters in Afghanistan - Afghanistan isn't the only place where EOD Technology is facing conflict with foreign forces. The Loudon County-based defense contractor finds itself under attack in a Knoxville federal court, accused of stealing at gunpoint more than $1 million worth of prefabricated shelters made from shipping containers used at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Taliban fighters may be granted amnesty under an Afghan reintegration plan - THE killers of coalition soldiers in Afghanistan may be granted amnesty, given benefits and assimilated back into their communities as part of an Afghan reintegration plan funded by Western donors. (READ MORE)

Afghan parliamentary loser blocks road in protest - A losing parliamentary candidate and his supporters blocked a major transit route in eastern Afghanistan for a third straight day Monday, threatening to keep the road closed until election officials reinstate ballots for him that were thrown out for fraud. (READ MORE)

Dutch citizen abducted in Afghanistan - A Dutch citizen, along with his Afghan driver, have been abducted in northern Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Terror Defendant Pleads Guilty Before Guantanamo Tribunal - A Canadian captive who was captured at the age of 15 in Afghanistan has pleaded guilty to conspiring with Al-Qaeda and killing a U.S. soldier before a U.S. war crimes tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. (READ MORE)

Security firm ban will not hurt us - NGOs - President Hamid Karzai’s decision to dissolve all private security companies in Afghanistan will not adversely affect the work of NGOs, civil society representatives say. (READ MORE)

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