October 26, 2010

News from the Front: 10/26/2010 - Afghanistan

Karzai admits to receiving bags of Iranian cash - Afghan President Hamid Karzai has admitted to accepting bags of cash from Iran. Karzai told reporters Monday that once or twice a year Iran gives his office 700,000 to 975,000 dollars for official presidential expenses. (READ MORE)

Iran says it funds Afghan government - Iran acknowledged Tuesday that it has been sending funds to neighboring Afghanistan for years, saying the money was intended to aid reconstruction of the embattled country. (READ MORE)

Karzai Rails Against America in Diatribe - President Hamid Karzai accused the United States on Monday of exporting killing to Afghanistan by giving contracts to private security companies. (READ MORE)

Bulgaria Could Up Effort in Afghanistan - Bulgaria is doing a lot through the NATO mission in Afghanistan and it is doing it very well, is the assessment of US Ambassador to Sofia, James Warlick. (READ MORE)

Iraq, Afghanistan among most corrupt - An international watchdog group says Afghanistan remains the world's second most corrupt country, and Iraq is not far behind. (READ MORE)

Bomb kills 4 police in west Afghanistan - A bombing in western Afghanistan on Tuesday killed four Afghan policemen, including a local police chief. (READ MORE)

Funeral for Bradford soldier killed in Afghan blast - The funeral of a soldier from West Yorkshire who was killed in an explosion in southern Afghanistan is to take place. (READ MORE)

Howard warns against Afghan withdrawal - FORMER prime minister John Howard has weighed into the debate over the war in Afghanistan, warning withdrawal would risk nuclear-armed Pakistan falling under greater terrorist influence. (READ MORE)

Soldier charged in Afghan killing kept in solitary - The soldier who tried to blow the whistle on an alleged plot to kill Afghan civilians for sport has been put in solitary confinement in a windowless cell for 23 hours a day, his family said. (READ MORE)
Afghan parliamentary loser blocks key road in protest - A losing parliamentary candidate and his supporters blocked a major transit route in eastern Afghanistan for a third straight day Monday, threatening to keep the road closed until election officials reinstate ballots for him that were thrown out for fraud. (READ MORE)

Raid, strike kill 15 insurgents in Afghanistan - At least 15 insurgents were killed in a NATO raid and air strike targeting a Taliban commander overnight in southern Afghanistan, the NATO-led International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) said on Monday. (READ MORE)

Rescue operation continues for missing Dutch national in N Afghanistan - The rescue operation has been continuing for a Dutch national who went missing in Takhar province northeast Afghanistan, spokesman for the provincial administration Faiz Mohammad Tawhidi said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

Pak Taliban set to make Afghan move - Fearing an offensive by the Pakistan army on their last bastion of North Waziristan, Pakistani Taliban have threatened to move into Afghanistan and launch an 'unending war' from there. (READ MORE)

'Taliban schools' in Karachi promising kids 'heaven' if they turn suicide bombers - The Taliban have set up "schools" on the outskirts of the city, where they deliver lectures and sermons in an attempt to brainwash innocent youngsters and convince them to join their ranks, revealed 16-year-old Mohammad Salaam, the would-be suicide bomber who was arrested in a police raid yesterday. (READ MORE)

GOP may change Afghan endgame - Republicans have vowed increased oversight if they win control of either, or both, chambers of Congress next Tuesday — and with the war in Afghanistan, there’s little doubt they would seek more clarity from the administration on an endgame. (READ MORE)

Karzai takes swipe at US security firms over attacks - Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Monday accused US private security companies, including the firm formerly known as Blackwater, of corruption and of fueling nine years of war in his country. (READ MORE)

US Voices Concern Over Iranian Cash Money For Afghanistan - The United States has voiced concerns over reports about the office of Afghan President Hamid Karzai receiving cash donations from Iran, saying the international community has "every reason" to be wary of Tehran's attempts to have a "negative influence" on Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Funeral For Aid Worker Killed In Afghanistan - Representatives from the UK and US governments will join hundreds of mourners at the funeral of Linda Norgrove. (READ MORE)

Tonga sends first troops to Afghanistan - THE Pacific Island nation of Tonga has sent off its first troops to be deployed in Afghanistan, where they will serve alongside the British military, officials said. (READ MORE)

Ex-NYer accused of failed effort to join Taliban - A Hawaii man accused of traveling to Pakistan in a failed effort to join the Taliban or similar group has been arrested. (READ MORE)

Pakistan has role in Afghan solution, says Holbrooke - Pakistan has a role to play in Afghan reconciliation process and a political element is important to resolving the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, according to a senior US envoy. (READ MORE)

U.S. operations in Kandahar push out Taliban - With 2,000-pound bombs, 12,000 troops, and one illiterate but charismatic Afghan border police commander, the American military has forced insurgents to retreat from key parts of this strategically vital region, according to U.S. and Afghan commanders. (READ MORE)

Stryker unit sought to defend killing at heart of Afghan murder probe - Three days after they killed an Afghan cleric named Mullah Adahdad, members of a U.S. Army platoon returned to his village. Tribal elders had complained to Army officers that the cleric had been unarmed and that the May 2 shooting was a setup. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan to develop $3 trillion in mining potential - Afghanistan is estimated to be sitting on $3 trillion worth of untapped mineral deposits, but poor infrastructure and investor caution are inhibiting development of its mining industry, its mines minister said. (READ MORE)

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