October 6, 2010

News from the Home Front: 10/06/2010

Soldier Killed In Afghan War To Receive Valor Award - Staff Sgt. Robbie Miller loved the outdoors, Shakespeare and collecting gemstones from Afghanistan. That's where he was serving his second tour with the Green Berets. (READ MORE)

Medal of Honor to Green Beret killed in Afghan war - With the war in Afghanistan about to grind past another milestone, President Barack Obama is awarding the Medal of Honor on Wednesday to an Army Green Beret killed two winters ago when his patrol was ambushed by the Taliban. (READ MORE)

Military confirms 1 sexual assault at Afghan base - The Canadian military has investigated just five reports of sexual assault in Afghanistan since 2004, with only one investigation leading to a guilty verdict — a number that contrasts sharply with the picture painted in a new book about a female soldier. (READ MORE)

Semrau booted from Canadian military for Afghan battlefield shooting - Demoted and dismissed from the Canadian military for shooting a wounded Afghan insurgent, Robert Semrau now faces an uncertain future as a civilian. (READ MORE)

Gates Urges Servicemembers to Claim Stop-Loss Pay - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates urged servicemembers whose military service was involuntarily extended between 2001 and 2009 under the so-called “Stop Loss” program to claim the special pay to which they’re entitled before the Dec. 3 deadline. (READ MORE)

MOH recipient led from the front, died saving others - Looking up at the high walls of the snow-covered Afghan valley, Staff Sgt. Robert Miller knew that his patrol might be walking directly into an ambush. That’s why he insisted on being up front, his teammates said. (READ MORE)

Canadian pullout could threaten Afghan mission, senior NATO officer says - Canada's plan to bring its troops home from Afghanistan next year has the potential to hurt NATO's chances of success in Kandahar, a senior officer with the coalition said Wednesday. (READ MORE)

Soldier killed in Afghanistan laid to rest - Twenty-one years ago, Clinton E. Springer II was christened at St. Patrick’s Church in Falmouth. His body was returned to the Main Street church yesterday, dressed this time not in a snow-white gown but in the uniform of a soldier of the U.S. Army. (READ MORE)

NATO to Issue Results Of Pakistan Cross - Border Probe - NATO will soon release the results of a joint probe with Pakistan into last week's killing of three Pakistani soldiers in a cross-border incursion by Western forces, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. (READ MORE)

U.S. Slams Pakistani Effort On Militants - A new White House assessment steps up criticism of Pakistan's campaign against militants, stating bluntly that its government and military have been unwilling to take action against al Qaeda and like-minded terrorists. (READ MORE)

German Militants Training in Afghanistan, Pakistan - German officials say a number of Germans are traveling to Afghanistan and Pakistan for militant training, and several have returned to live in Germany. (READ MORE)

Hasan strategy aims to avoid death - Forget about acquittal. The attorney for Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is developing a defense strategy that boils down to one thing — trying to save his client's life. (READ MORE)

Westboro Baptist Church to Defend Military Funeral Protests Before High Court - For parishioners of the Westboro Baptist Church, Wednesday's case at the Supreme Court is more than an hour of legal debate over the constitutionality of military funeral protests; it will also mark the end of their "I-70 GodSmack Tour" of protests across the country. (READ MORE)

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