October 25, 2010

News from the Home Front: 10/25/2010

American al-Qaida spokesman urges attacks in US - A U.S.-born spokesman for al-Qaida on Saturday urged Muslims living in the United States and Europe to carry out attacks there, calling it a duty and an obligation. (READ MORE)

Secret war at the heart of Wikileaks - A civil war at the heart of Wikileaks has virtually paralysed the whistle-blowing website from publishing any new exposés outside of the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, say former staffers and volunteers. (READ MORE)

WikiLeaks boss walks out on CNN interview after reporter asks him about HIS private life - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his organisation are famously liberal with the secrets of the U.S. military - but the man is not so forthcoming about his own private life. (READ MORE)

Air Force manual describes shadowy cyberwar world - A new Air Force manual for cyberwarfare describes a shadowy, fast-changing world where anonymous enemies can carry out devastating attacks in seconds and where conventional ideas about time and space don't apply. (READ MORE)

British Deputy PM: Investigate Iraq Abuse Claims - British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says allegations of prisoner abuse and civilian killings in Iraq from a cache of leaked U.S. secret military documents are "extremely serious" and must be investigated. (READ MORE)

Russia supports greater role by India in Afghanistan - Russia has expressed support for a greater role by India in Afghanistan, saying that both Russia and India were on the "same side" in their fight against international terrorism. (READ MORE)

Brown slams lack of Afghan exit strategy - Greens Leader Bob Brown has criticised the Prime Minister for failing to provide a clear exit strategy for Australian troops serving in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Loudon firm EODT sued for $3M, accused of stealing shelters in Afghanistan - Afghanistan isn't the only place where EOD Technology is facing conflict with foreign forces. The Loudon County-based defense contractor finds itself under attack in a Knoxville federal court, accused of stealing at gunpoint more than $1 million worth of prefabricated shelters made from shipping containers used at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Dutch citizen abducted in Afghanistan - A Dutch citizen, along with his Afghan driver, have been abducted in northern Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Terror Defendant Pleads Guilty Before Guantanamo Tribunal - A Canadian captive who was captured at the age of 15 in Afghanistan has pleaded guilty to conspiring with Al-Qaeda and killing a U.S. soldier before a U.S. war crimes tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. (READ MORE)

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