November 2, 2010

News from the Front: 11/02/2010 - Iraq

Premonitions of Danger at Baghdad Church Held Hostage - Seven weeks before he died, Father Thaer Abdal was standing beside the gnarled stone grotto to the Virgin Mary in Sayidat al-Nejat church, an extremely worried man. (READ MORE)

Crime and Punishment, Afghan-Style… Crime and Forgiveness, Iraqi-Style. - Even if there is a deal with the Taliban and peace breaks out, the rule of law, especially when it comes to domestic life, is not likely to be high on anybody’s agenda — as was evident a few days ago in Ghazni Province. (READ MORE)

Death Toll Higher in Baghdad Church Attack - Iraqi authorities are defending their handling of a hostage-taking attack Sunday at a Baghdad church. At least 57 people died during the incident, while dozens more were wounded. (READ MORE)

Church Attack Seen as Strike at Iraq’s Core - Blood still smeared the walls of Our Lady of Salvation Church on Monday. Scraps of flesh remained between the pews. It was the worst massacre of Iraqi Christians since the war began here in 2003. (READ MORE)

Iraqi survivors tell of hiding in priests' dressing room amid gunfire, blasts - Around 5:20 p.m., as the Christian worshipers stood and recited "Upon this rock I will build my church," the gunfire started on the street outside. (READ MORE)

Iraq TV station taken off air after deadly church raid - Al-Baghdadia, the TV station in Baghdad that said it was contacted by gunmen during Sunday's church hostage drama, has been taken off air. (READ MORE)

Iraqi Christians Mourn After Church Siege Kills 58 - After the gunmen killed the priest and nearly everyone in the first row, an eerie quiet descended over the pews. The only occasional sounds were sporadic gunfire, the muffled cries of the hostages and the shouts of Islamic militants — sometimes over their cell phones. (READ MORE)

One by One, Saddam Hussein’s Aides Are Returning to Tikrit. In Coffins. - For years, this town served as the well from which Saddam Hussein drew many of his closest aides. One by one, they are now returning, after meeting their ends in jail cells or on the gallows. (READ MORE)

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