November 29, 2010

Nidal Hasan; Hero of the 3rd Jihad: C’mon Man! by Col. John Reitzell

Col. John Reitzell: Nidal Hasan; Hero of the 3rd Jihad: C’mon Man!

First and foremost as a former career Soldier, I have questions. How could this guy be passed on by multiple senior officers? How could anyone have ignored what he was saying and not rather have thrown his ass out of AMERICA’s Army? It is beyond my comprehension that a Major in the United States Army could “be passed on promoted even” by those for whom he worked. What is this trash? Don’t ask don’t tell? As they say on a great segment on ESPN, “C’mon Man!”

What? They didn’t see or hear his radicalism? They didn’t notice his name wasn’t John Smith and he had ties to his past, his birth and all his rowdy friends weren’t there on Monday Night? “C’mon Man!” This guy made it clear that he was a radical Muslim. Oh, I know, no profiling, Mr. Grunt. You Grunts always over react. Grunts for those of you who don’t know are the guys on the pointy end of the spear. Damn good overreacters if fighting for liberty is overreaction. Be nice to the Muslims and they’ll be nice back to you. Do unto Allah what you would like Allah to do unto you. Like behead you! One more time; “C’mon Man! STRENGTH in the face of extremism is no vice to paraphrase Sen. Goldwater. Appeasement and political correctness haven’t worked EVER on these knot heads, since their prophet died in 632AD. “C’mon Man” wake the hell up!

It sickens me that my Army could be so politically correct, even in the Medical Corps ranks where the Army is a nuisance and those silly rules of discipline don’t seem to matter much, that this guy could be allowed to exist. Add to that the Administration is withholding “classified” reports from his defense probably so that any verdict can be reversed on appeal. These guys don’t get it. The radical Islamic world has declared war on us. Hello! This guy was one of their soldiers and made very few bones about it until he started killing REAL Soldiers on Post at Ft. Hood and then all those senior Docs figured it out. Now I’m no Einstein, but “C’mon Man!”

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