November 23, 2010

Parris Island from Letters to You

Letters to You: Parris Island -
I went there today. It was the first time since I was there with you. A lot has changed there in the past three years and being there was a lot harder than I expected.

It brought back the memories of waiting for you on family day. I was so nervous and anxious I just burst into tears when I found you. Walking all over the place on that base, going in those nasty barracks with your overly intimidating drill instructors. Watching the recruits practice for graduation I remembered sitting in those bleachers watching you and being ready to get you home as soon as it was over.

As Barb and I drove around looking at everything I started to think. I know, what else is new?

For the past four years I have done nothing but countdown until July 1, 2011- EAS date. I so badly wanted the Marine Corps out of my life and to never look back. Sick of the crap and just wanted to live freely without them.

Well. That took a complete 180.

I realized a lot of things after your passing. For one it's the family that Marines truly are. As most people from home drifted quickly away- it was the Marine family that stuck around. The ones who check on me, would do anything for me, and get me through the day. I could call them at 2 am saying I needed them and I doubt they would hesitate to get on a plane headed for Pennsylvania. Even those keeping in touch from trashcanistan. They have families and friends to keep in touch with, but they still call and send messages to check on me promising they will visit as soon as they get home. You don't find that often. It's the bond you had with all of these guys. You all took care of each other and those important people in your life. They take care of me because of what I meant to you.

I was too busy trying to ditch the MC that I didn't take the time to realize what it gave me.

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