December 30, 2010

Clarifying from Letters to You by Chrissy

Letters to You: Clarifying -

Alright. I got a comment this morning regarding my blog last night. Now. I know that other people are hurting because of Josh's death. I understand that. He had a lot of friends and he knew so many people that were obviously affected by it. However, a large majority of these people are still living life. My life has stopped (and I'm only addressing myself right now, I know that his parents, brothers, etc. are obviously greatly affected by this).

On that day my whole entire life was changed. We had a life planned. Not to mention how close we were. For five years we spoke almost daily unless the Marine Corps had some sweet field op planned or we were in the middle of a deployment. When he left home three years ago, I was the one left behind waiting for him. Everyone else goes on with life, but mine was the one put on hold. I would wait weeks/months for a few days with him. Anytime he went away people drifted away. They didn't keep in touch while he was in North Carolina or deployed.

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