December 21, 2010

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from Knottie's Niche by Knottie

Knottie's Niche: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell -
This blog is mostly about my son but tonight I feel the need to talk about two things my son loved the military and his Uncles. You see Pokey’s Uncle and his “husband” are gay. Been together forever.. they are the “Uncles” and very much loved by our family and we are richer for having these two wonderful men in our lives. Now mind you Pokey never understood how a person could be gay.. but he trusted me enough to accept that his Uncle was born that way and it did not make him a bad person..just different.. just like his Auntie is black.. not the exact same but still someone we love. In time all my kids learned to accept people for how they treated them and others not for some difference that they had not control over. ( if you plan on leaving a stupid comment at this point about being gay being a choice don’t bother I won’t publish it. ) The other thing Pokey loved was the military.

OK that said… there has been much discussion over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell being repealed. And many people have asked my opinion.. so here it is:

The military is suppose to be about honor and integrity.. yet we ask many people who serve to lie about who they are. Gay people do not lack self control and will not be hitting on others simply because they no longer have to hide who they are. These men and women are the same people they were before, the only thing that has changed is others can no longer witch hunt them and remove them from serving this nation just as honorably as anyone else.

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