December 27, 2010

Final Thoughts from Regarding War by Andrew Lubin

Andrew Lubin: Final Thoughts -
Let me express my thanks to PBS for providing me a forum to write. With the American public war weary after nine years in Afghanistan and Iraq, PBS's active and enthusiastic support of military families and exploring war is extremely appreciated.

An equal expression of thanks goes to my editor, Matt Elliott. Matt's a good editor; he gave me the leeway to pick the themes and the topics I thought important and primarily stuck to grammar, spelling and trying to keep my work from being too 'OOH-Rah.' (Not easy, was it?) And you, gentle reader, your comments and support meant I'm not railing in the dark as uselessly as I feared.

Maybe it depends on the branch of service, but to me being a military parent is an occasion for pride — not anguish. Yes, my son's a Marine, and, yes, he's back from his fifth deployment and wants to reenlist and make it a career, and, yes, I worry about him being IED'd (as he worries about me being IED'd), but in the scheme of joie de vivre and accomplishment, how can any parent object to one's child having such a life?

I don't want people's sympathy when he's deployed. I guess I'd like their acknowledgement for his efforts, but it's best not to patronize me. We're doing something you're not, and as my fellow PBS contributors and military family members Kanani, Stacey, and Kathleen have gently suggested, it's important to be involved in something bigger and better than yourself.

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