December 9, 2010

Frigid Day in December from A Little Pink in a World of Camo by Mrs P

A Little Pink in a World of Camo: Frigid Day in December -

It was unseasonably cold out today for early December in south east North Carolina. Below freezing the majority of the morning rising up to just low 50s, as far as I could tell by my car thermostat. The weather, however, was not what was taking priority of my thoughts on this day. Just a number. A simple, some could say, meaningless, number.


That's right.


365 Days since I last saw my husband alive. Since I last held him, kissed him, touched him, hugged him, talked to him in person, laughed with him, made love to him. 365 since his lips grazed mine, since he gently kissed my forehead. Since he promised he'd see us soon, in a few months. An entire year has passed since we said what we thought to be a few months of see ya later.And all I could think about was that day last year. What I was doing last year compared to what I am doing this year and what I've been doing since things have changed. So much has changed. Everything has changed. And now, from this day forward, our "last year we..."s are gone. Sure, "last year we talked on the phone or emailed about...", for another couple months still exists. But anything in person, there is no more "Last year we went..." or "Last year when Jonny and I...".

It's painful.

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