December 28, 2010

Kristmas Eve, Kabul from AfghaniDan, Part II by Major Dan

AfghaniDan, Part II: Kristmas Eve, Kabul -

There are odd moments that become fully realized as odd in the mind later, and then there are those that strike you when they first appear. Christmastime in Afghanistan brings out quite a few of the latter, I've found...

Those who know me know that I am not the type that gets particularly excited for this season anyway, mainly because of how overwrought and stressful it can become. So spending one in a 'break' from the frenzy isn't that bad...or wouldn't be if I had two seconds here or there to enjoy it! And of course, it would be nice to have the option of dropping in on my family's gatherings, and those of close friends -- wherever the celebrations happen to be. On the other hand, not getting shot at is a Christmas blessing, too...

So tonight, Christmas Eve, was just another night here for me until I had a chance to seek some meaning in it. I had returned to my cramped office from the lengthy Advisors' Council meeting, which eats up a chunk of the one Afghan off-day each week, to answer a flood of e-mails while keeping an eye on Tolo TV news (in Dari -- and no, I still can't understand much, but like to speculate about the rants they must be on), was anxious to get to the gym at some point, and of course breathing in the smoky dust air that is Kabul's extra layer of atmosphere all winter.

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