December 28, 2010

Live Our Dream from Letters to You by Chrissy

Letters to You: Live Our Dream -
As I continue on this crazy roller coaster.. I'm on the up for now.

I had a good day. I've been "okay." I'm taking it in while I can because I know they don't last long. I've been thinking a lot lately now that my life isn't consumed with school. It has also given my lots and lots of time to sleep. I love sleeping- it's my escape for a while. You can't hurt in your sleep and I always hope that you'll pop into my dreams. I miss you.

Last night when I was on Facebook I was talking to a friend about this song. I didn't quite remember it at first, but when I did, it practically smacked me in the face. I remember you were in Iraq and in an email you asked me if I heard the song Live Our Dream. You told me it was like a response to Just a Dream and it was a Marine that sings it. I went and found it again. I find a new level of comfort in it and it's crazy to me that you of all people pointed it out to me. Did I want these songs to become a reality? Of course not. It usually makes me cry, but it didn't today. It's like I missed the memo before, but I get it now. I love you.

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