December 23, 2010

A New (Old) Direction by Centurion from Kandahar Diary

Kandahar Diary: A New (Old) Direction -

This will be my very last post on this blog.

It’s taken a lot of phone calls, arm twisting, late nights, cold beers, reactivation of an old network and a dozen meetings with lawyers and accountants but it’s finally here. I’ve re-opened the business I was running with two great mates (and thorough professionals) before the GFC blew into town and blew us all out onto individual contracts. It’s a gamble but I figure why work my butt off for someone else when I can do the same for myself – it’s a no-brainer really.

We don’t profess to be one of the ‘Big Boys’ and don’t expect to ever threaten their business but we were doing some great work in a smaller niche and getting great responses from our clients. We believe we can do that again. We’ve got the talent and the drive to make it work (again) so I figured ‘why the hell not?’ and here we are.


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