December 27, 2010

A New Year from Knottie's Niche by Knottie

Knottie's Niche: A New Year -
For nearly three years now there have been several big boxes of cards, letters, newspaper clippings and other things attached to Micheal’s passing sitting in my room. I never had the heart to really go through it all nor dd I have the heart to put them away properly. On occasion I would read a few of the cards and notes. There was also a box of Micheal’s things. Shoes, clothes.. stuff. It just sat there in our bedroom. Today I decided it was time to store it all. There is no way I can give it away or throw it way but its time to move it to storage so I have.

When I began the project I had no idea how emotional it was going to be. I was just cleaning after all. No big deal.. Its almost as if I kept them all handy just in case he came home (or I woke up) and I could show him how loved and missed he was. But it hit me that he will never read the kind words.. he will never need his swim trunks or backpack again.. But its been nearly three years and its time for our bedroom to be ours again. Not a storage room. I will forever have the memorial table in the livingroom and I will keep the very special pesonal affects in the chest the Army had made for us.

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