December 30, 2010

Post-Christmas: Rain, Snow, Sun, Hubs and Thoughts About Restrepo from The Kitchen Dispatch

The Kitchen Dispatch: Post-Christmas: Rain, Snow, Sun, Hubs and Thoughts About Restrepo -

It's been a busy week, as you can imagine. Christmas day was fine, but the 27th was really our day of celebration as the Hubs flew into town. We had friends come over for dinner --the theme of the meal was "meat," being that I cooked a prime rib. You know, we don't get to see him very often. Just a few weeks out of the year, so every time we get together it is a very big deal. Everyone misses him, and I can't say much more about it that most of you don't already know. Funny thing though-- he always think the house looks real nice when he comes back. Maybe that's because we clean like crazy the days prior to his arrival.

The weather has been rainy, and apparently it's cold and snowy in the mountains. The hubs and the kids are heading up for some skiing tomorrow. I'm staying here because I don't like being cold! I think I'll use the free time to go see The King's Speech, or maybe that crazy loud movie Burlesque. I love Cher (still) no matter how many plastic surgeries she has. Cher rocks it, and I appreciate that both she and Tina Turner and so many other ladies still can tear out a song now and then. Besides, the idea of Cher and Stanley Tucci together is irresistible.

Anyway, not much more to report except that it occurred to me that the Oscar nominations are coming up. I sure hope Restrepo gets a nod. It sure would be nice for Tim and Sebastian to get a nod from the film industry too. I know a lot of people think the film is only about the 173rd, but the truth is that the film means a lot to soldiers from every branch and from many nations. It brings to the screen the experience and emotions they have had and felt, and reminds them of their youth and friends they have lost.

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