December 28, 2010

Soldiering on from The Unknown Soldiers by (Tom Sileo)

The Unknown Soldiers: Soldiering on -
Like many teenage boys, Austin Williams is filled with big dreams, with joining the Army at the forefront of his aspirations. But unlike the vast majority of 14-year-olds, Austin is already fighting a life-altering battle. In April, he was diagnosed with myosarcoma when doctors found a baseball-sized, malignant muscle tumor near his pelvis."

I still can't believe he has cancer," Austin's mother, Daelyn Larche-Sigman, wrote in July. "You just never think it will hit this close to home. Thankfully, we have such a supportive community and an incredible group of friends and family who surround us with love! For this I am grateful!"

Just before Christmas, the Army learned that an aspiring future Soldier was fighting for his life at the Rocky Mountain Hospital in Denver, Colorado. That's when troops in the Army recruiting office in nearby Aurora sprung into action. As KUSA-TV's Jeffrey Wolf and Chris Vanderveen wrote on, six uniformed volunteer warriors showed up at the hospital to make Austin an honorary Soldier, presenting him with a certificate and dog tags.

"This has just made me very happy," Austin said. "I really love the Army. I just wanted to join the Army for so long."

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