December 28, 2010

UN Maps Show Security Deteriorating in Afghanistan from Big Peace by Jim Hanson

Jim Hanson (Uncle Jimbo): UN Maps Show Security Deteriorating in Afghanistan -
There have been some arguments recently about the relative security in parts of Afghanistan. The Obama administration has made claims of military success since beginning the mini-Surge, but internal UN maps showing a decrease in the security status came out in the media. Now there are questions about whether Obama was spinning the actual conditions. I don’t think so and here is why.

First the claims of military progress by Obama and a worsened security situation for civilians, NGOs and other groups actually makes complete sense. If we are busy fighting in an area that may have been Taliban controlled, then of course the over all danger for anyone in that area is going to go up. That is what the UN maps report, and increase in all kinds of badness happening to you in a number of areas. What then happens is that is combined with reports of the Taliban spreading to areas they hadn’t controlled previously. This supposedly shows that we are not making progress. Well, not so fast there.

We sent most of our forces into the Greater Kandahar Taliban & Corruption zone and have moved out many, many Talibs and their enablers. Some we stacked like cordwood, some we just ran out of town. This took away some of the best support mechanisms the Talibs had in Afghanistan. So they were forced into other areas, leading to some of the security problems that were noted. But we also have severely degraded their command & control and logistic support operations in country. Adding in the hundreds taken out in the combined Magic Ninja and drone operations in all of AfPak and it is hardly a good or safe time to be Taliban or AQ. So militarily, as usual, we are kicking ass. But that isn’t enough.

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