December 9, 2010

WikiLeaks Raises Hanging Question from IraqPundit by IraqPundit

IraqPundit: WikiLeaks Raises Hanging Question -

According to WikiLeaks, then U.S. Ambassador Khalilzad sent a cable back reporting on the execution of Saddam Hussein. The ambassador said the guard escorting Saddam to the gallows said to the former dictator: "Go to hell."

Now I haven't seen the cable, so I don't know what else it said. But if that was the gist, what does it say about the diplomats? How can it be important that the guard says go to hell? It is also possible that the diplomats wrote more, but the newspaper reporting on the cable focused on the got to hell remark. If so, how is that news?

It is just about the fourth anniversary of Saddam's execution. The cable said the witness list changed several times. I guess many thugs fought to watch the hanging. This will make some people think about the event. Now they will think about the go to hell comment. Perhaps the diplomats expected the guard to wish Saddam a safe journey? Good luck?

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