December 21, 2010

You Can’t Handle the Truth from Free Range International by babatim

Free Range International: You Can’t Handle the Truth -
The efforts of the international community to bring aid to Afghanistan, help develop the infrastructure with the goal of allowing Afghanistan a chance at self sufficiency are failing dismally. That should not be a surprise to anyone with more than a passing knowledge of the international aid racket. The international community has spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the years in Africa without one iota of success at doing anything other then enriching vile, oppressive dictators while sentencing the average African to a life of misery, poverty and squalor. Most people in most places at most times have lived under the yoke of tyranny which seems, with the exception of the western world, to be the natural order of things. That’s the truth. One need not be a historical scholar to understand that truth because it is self evident – just look at Zimbabwe, Haiti, Mexico or Michigan and one will see the heavy hand of tyranny stealing from the people to enrich the powerful.

Is the average citizen of the African continent better off now that colonialism is dead? I doubt it and in fact have personally talked to hundreds of Africans who will tell you without much prodding that life in their country was much better for all during the days of European colonialism. I’m not advocating for the return of the colonial system but instead pointing out that Aid programs do not work unless the people delivering the aid are in the same boat as the recipients. If the countries who provide aid are not willing to send their aid workers into the recipient country and leave them there then it is much more humane for all involved to do nothing, to spend not one penny, to leave people to their own devices to fend for themselves and figure out how to join modernity on their own terms. Throwing billions into countries ruled by tyrants does nothing but increase human misery and mayhem; conditions which I’m firmly against as a matter of principle.

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