January 3, 2011

AfghaniDan, Part II: Sal-e Now Mubarek!

AfghaniDan, Part II: Sal-e Now Mubarek! -
Or...Happy New Year! Even though every one of my Afghan friends has incessantly reminded me that it's not their new year, which if I didn't know already, would be painfully obvious to me by now. Sprinkled throughout this late late rambling will be more leftover shots from the past Gregorian calendar year...which has only served to remind me that there are quite a few entire entries that still must go up, from wherever I am in coming months.

I just tried for the past early-morning hour to boldly go where the AfghaniDan blog has never gone before, and add some music. I crossed my fingers, and said a prayer for it to work properly and play something for you all. I've taken video clips a number of times this deployment, some even with sound! (note to self: read camera manual next time), and tried to post two clips of live music. Alas, the weak wireless I pick up will not comply. Until post-deployment then, you'll just have to imagine the sounds of local music...

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