January 11, 2011

Back on the Homefront: I'm back...

Back on the Homefront: I'm back...-
Here I am again, sitting at the computer working on my blog. It has been almost exactly two years since we got Micah back home with us and now we're looking at about six months until he leaves for the 3rd deployment. I can't say I'm happy about this, but who would be? I'm proud of my husband and all he does, I just don't like having him gone. So here begins my journey into the world of pre-deployment again. Often, the time leading up to the deployment is just as rough as the deployment itself.

So if you are reading this, here's a warning: This won't always be a fun, lighthearted blog to read. This is my blog. It is where I share my downs as well as my ups. It serves as a means for me to communicate what I'm feeling to myself as well as others. You don't have to read it if you don't want to, so let me use it as I want. Sure, I'll post some cute pics of my kids. (And man, looking back at the last pics posted on here, they have grown like crazy!) But, I may also rant about things that should seem trivial. You see, sometimes when your husband is deployed something as simple as not being able to get the jar of peanut butter open can seem like life or death...usually because it happens while your child is screaming for his food, the cat just threw up and someone is knocking on your door to sell you frozen meat from their van. Combine that with the constant question of "is my husband ok today?" and it all becomes one big fiasco.

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