January 25, 2011

Bouhammer: Karzai biting the hand that feeds him

Bouhammer: Karzai biting the hand that feeds him -
Yeah I think Hamid Karzai is off his meds again. I am sure there are many days like this but after reading the story below I am convinced that dude has his head up his fourth point of contact.

It seems that the President of Afghanistan (Karzai) wants to start taxing the US and coalition based contractors that are helping and contributing to the war for his country. Why doesn’t he just start taxing the US military while he is at it. It is essentially the same thing. Does he not realize that there is no way this war can happen at the sustained timeline that it has without contractors? Is he that much of an idiot to think that the contractors working in Afghanistan are not only helping support the coalition and directly effecting the fight that our service-members are taking to the enemy but they are also helping his own country secure the people and make his government look good. Something I must say that he does not go a good job of doing as the “Mayor of Kabul”.

It is not secret that his country has no source of income to support the current government, to include the salaries and benefits of the Army and Police. There is no way the country would have a security force if it were not for the kind monetary contributions of not only the USA but NATO also. When we leave the money flow will dry up and probably stop (another reason why I say we are not leaving there in 2014).

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