January 31, 2011

Jalalabad Jalalagood: Take Two/ Back in Jbad

Jalalabad Jalalagood: Take Two/ Back in Jbad -
I remembered the shock I experienced when I landed in the Dubai airport after spending two months in Jalalabad earlier this year when I walked onto the DHS plane with my new husband, Juan, and Sara, SSF’s latest addition. I have a feeling it doesn’t matter how many times you move between worlds…always expect culture shock. If you don’t feel strange walking onto a plane full of US contractors headed towards Afghanistan after living in Latin America for 8 months and spending two relaxing days in Dubai…there’s a problem.

The trip to Baghram base took about 3 hours. It was chilly and dusty when we got of the plane. Sara’s bag went missing, which was a bit stressful, but after spending 3 hours waiting for our flight to take off for Jalalabad, her suitcase was magically found…thank god. We flew on a small, two-engine airplane through the skies and snow-capped mountains of Nanghahar Province…absolutely-breath-taking views. On my first trip to Afghanistan, we drove from Kabul to Jalalabad so this time,I definately felt like a VIP- quicker and safer.

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