January 3, 2011

Letters to You: 2011

Letters to You: 2011 -

Happy five years :)

I knew I was going to be spending this one alone, but not like this. When we brought in 2010 I had no idea it would be our last. I remember that night and my mouth was still fat and sore from getting my wisdom teeth out. So instead of going out you stayed on the couch with me all night. I'm so glad you did. I drank one or two, okay quite a few for you haha.

I have mixed feelings on this year. As soon as the ball dropped, I instantly burst into tears. It wasn't even controllable at that point. It was so weird and so bittersweet going into a new year. I was happy, excited, nervous, sad, alone, and a million other emotions all at the same time.

2011 was supposed to be a good year for us. A lot of things were supposed to happen and they aren't now. It makes me sad and angry. We've waited for this year for so long and it doesn't even mean anything now. It's like I'm starting a new chapter on my own. It breaks my heart doing it without you. 2011 is a year you won't get to see.

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