January 10, 2011

Letters to You: Nocturnal

Letters to You: Nocturnal -

That's me! I swear I haven't gone to bed earlier than 1 am in months. It nearly seems impossible and it's almost expected for me to be up to weird hours every single night. Over break it's been rather nice because I make up for it in the mornings. However, I'm not real happy that it is 2 am and I have to be up at 7 to work on campus. Doesn't help my cause that I am pulling a double tomorrow. Blah!

It has to be a widow thing. I'm usually up talking to Ashleigh and when I look at who is online, the other widsters are on there too. The things I would do to go to bed at a normal hour. Nyquil is even failing me these days. I planned on going to bed hours ago. Instead- I cleaned my room (which you know was a disaster, my Nana will be proud) and put 8 care packages together. Time was well spent, but I am going to be super grouchy in the morning. Oh and I'm on a diet so that means no Starbucks for me :( Boo.

Today was an "okay" day. They aren't as few and far between these days. It's kinda nice actually to feel not so bad everyday. I'm starting to regain some normalcy and adjusting to this new life. I was talking to someone earlier and I can't live in that miserable/alone/sadness every single day. It's awful and draining. They say happiness is a choice and I believe that to a certain extent. I'm working on things and focusing on me for the first time in a while. I have learned when to expect my bad days (2's and Thursdays) so I make sure I'm plenty busy on those days.

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