January 28, 2011

This Gold Star Means Something

From Knottie's Niche: This Gold Star Means Something -
“As a child I always worked hard for a Gold Star..Now I have one and I don’t want it”
Next month on Feb 24th I will be marking the third year of my family being Gold Stars. We never wanted to be Gold Stars… no one wants to be. In the past years I faced far too often people who have no idea what this Gold Star means. Early on I had a mother on an Army mom support group demand to know why I thought I was so special as to give myself a gold star and demand to know how she too could get one. I stepped away from my computer in tears after reading that email praying this woman never got one. She was very contrite upon being educated. I have had people ask me if my Gold Star service flag in my window was a “Jewish” thing. My husband has been teased by co-workers about how he must be so special to receive a Gold Star parent license plate.

These are just a few of my stories. I have heard similar stories from other Gold star families. So it now my mission to educate the American public…

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