January 6, 2011

Wife of a Wounded Marine: So Far in 2011

Wife of a Wounded Marine: So Far in 2011 -

This new year is off to a slow start. I woke up Monday morning wanting all these things to happen that day and, of course, things are all going at their own pace. Oh well. I would be quite happy if the rain went away, though. Rain makes for sad days recently. Months ago I embraced them. I felt they fit who I was so I would soak them in. Slightly depressing. Now, I wait for sunny days. The sun gives me energy and gives me hope. It's interesting to me how much nature effects me. Nature just seems to be the only constant. The only pure thing I have to hold on to. Every morning is a new reminder that life goes on. One more day under my belt.

Now that I've rambled (Ha!) I shall share new business fears because this is the topic that my world is revolving around at the moment.

As far as selling shoes, constructing the layout of the building, and having customers, I'm stoked. No fears at all. All of the actual business aspect of it... I'm terrified. An example - Hiring employees. There is a lot of paperwork involved with that! What if I do something wrong?? Or, what if I have to fire someone? Or, what if they steal? It's scary. Then, filing taxes. I'm pretty sure you have to file something once a month. What if I forget? What if I do it wrong? Or, what if on the day of opening, I realize NO ONE IS COMING!

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