February 28, 2011

Daily brief: Afghan Parliament Picks Speaker

From The AfPak Channel by Katherine Tiedemann -
Aaron DeHaven, the American security contractor who was arrested in Peshawar late last week for having an expired visa, according to local police officials may be tried under the Foreigners Act, which carries the punishment of deportation or three months in prison (Tel, Geo, ET, The News, Guardian). DeHaven, who is due back in court on March 14, is reportedly married to a Pakistani woman and has worked on at least one construction project in the region (AP).

Pakistan's intelligence service the ISI has reportedly demanded a full accounting from the CIA of all of its contractors operating in the country as the Raymond Davis incident continues to cause tension (NYT, Dawn, LAT). Davis, a CIA contractor, shot and killed two Pakistanis he claimed were trying to rob him late last month, though the men may have been ISI agents who were concerned that Davis was "encroaching on their turf" (Times). The CIA and ISI have reportedly opened "direct negotiations" over the case (Time). The Punjab government is arguing that the ISI should take over Davis's interrogation from local police (ET). And sources tell the Express Tribune that at least 30 suspected covert American operatives have suspended their activities, and 12 have left the country (ET).

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