February 18, 2011

Deployment: Let There Be Dust

From The Kitchen Dispatch by Kanani -

We all have ways of handling our spouse's deployments. Mostly they're about coming up with some sort of routine: grappling with raising kids alone, going to visit good friends, burying into books, rapaciously following the news, seeking spiritual guidance at church, deciding to lose weight, going to school, logging into Skype each night, hoping the green light flips on by the beloved's name. Everyone I know tries to avoid looking tragic. I've joked with others about remembering to get dressed up everyday, and making sure our hair is washed and we're showered.

My way involves noise, money, and inconvenience. No, I'm not writing about my well-Facebook reported root canals or replacement of crowns --I certainly hope that was one-shot deal. Though must admit, dental and endodontistry involves the three qualities above, it also entails pain. There is also the sullen sadness that it cost the equivalent of 3 tickets to Europe plus hotels better than hostels, bringing me to the conclusion that my trip is all in my mouth. Both the dentist and endodontist should adopt and feed me, offer to take the kids and I to Europe.


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