February 28, 2011

Escape from Egypt

From Insight of the Moment -
Back around 28JAN I lost internet communications with HusBand who was working in Egypt. For 5 days, no email and no instant messenger. Torture. For two people who relied on the internet for approximately 95% of their communication, you can imagine the anxiety. In fact, you can read about it in some of my previous postings. While other Americans were being evacuated, HusBand was going through his own hell being told to "wait", "go - every man for themselves", "no - stay put and wait for further instruction", "wait another day", "you can go if you want or wait for THE plan", and finally - "ok here's the plan - you're leaving tomorrow."

He had to pack as though he would never see his stuff again. Bring only the most essential items. Leave everything in his two bedroom villa, a couple hours from Cairo, behind.

On 2FEB he woke up in Austin after over 24 hours of travel. Here is an email that HusBand sent to me when he was feeling better, highlighting his evacuation from Egypt. He gave me the green light, with some editing, to publish it here:

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