February 23, 2011

A Good Lesson Learned

From Hellcat Betty -
This weekend I was reminded of one of the things that hubby's last deployment taught me: how to enjoy being by myself. Let me back up a bit and explain. Hubs had drill this weekend so he was off playing bang-bang and I found myself alone with a 3 day weekend and a lot of built up stress (being a first year teacher will do that to you). Instead of moping around the house feeling sorry for myself and spending inordinate amounts of time playing stupid games on facebook, I took a cue from my mid-deployment self (around this time last year) and got the hell outta dodge.

The mid-deployment self I'm referring to: You know, that place in the deployment where you've finally moved past the feeling sorry for yourself stage and are starting to hit your stride? You still miss him, but you've got your shit together enough to be going about your business just fine on your own, thankyouverymuch. You start to even think... "hey, it's kinda nice to have some time to myself... and I sure like having control of the remote." It's that time right before you begin to feel guilty for enjoying yourself too much while hubs is overseas mucking around in the sandbox.

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