February 28, 2011


From Letters to You by Chrissy -
Well.. here it is.

About two weeks ago I made the trip down to Jacksonville to face the reality once again. All day Monday I was thinking as I drove. Thinking what I should be doing. What everyone else is doing except for the lucky 15 who got it taken away. That was probably the worst drive. I was ridiculously anxious and thoughts were just racing through my head.

Tuesday I went to lunch and the mall with Ashleigh. It helped so much. She had gone and she knew I could too I just needed the push. That was the biggest thing: making myself go. All day I was back and forth on what I should do. If I could do it. If I wanted to do it.

4 am I got in my car and drove on base. Walking into the gym it was obvious everyone knew who I was. I was really nervous and heartbroken as I watched everyone in their cute outfits filled with joy and excitement. It was just another day for me.

Around 8 am myself and another widow went to the armory.

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