February 11, 2011

Ride For The Brand

Ride For The Brand from Free Range International -
When I first started this blog I used to hammer away on a couple of themes which really bothered me. The first was Provincial Reconstruction Teams which I maintain are, by design, unable to accomplish their assigned mission. The second theme had to do with the reason we remain in Afghanistan. Our current mission is predicated on three goals; to deny al Qaeda safe haven, to reverse the momentum of the Taliban and to prevent the ability of insurgent to overthrow the government. As I have pointed out many times in the past there is no chance al Qaeda can or wants to re-establish themselves on Afghan soil and there is also no chance that anyone of the various insurgent groups who are fighting against the Karzai regime has the ability to win militarily.

These two themes are now hot news after President Karzai announced that it was time for PRT teams to go and the Center on International Cooperation released a report co-authored by Alex Strick van Linschoten and Flex Kuehn on separating the Taliban from al Qeada. I have commented on Alex Strick van Linschoten before noting that he has a really cool name. How can you go wrong reading something from a member of the Strick van Linschoten family? And as a huge bonus Alex knows what he’s talking about being another member of the outside the wire tribe.

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