February 18, 2011

Thugs, Mobs And Education

From Free Range International by babatim -
The news this week has been dominated by the Lara Logan story. Ms. Logan was the subject of the most popular post in FRI history which can be found here. Reactions to the news that Lara was subjected to “a brutal and sustained assault and beating” have cost at least one knucklehead his job when he tweeted dismissively about what exactly those seven words mean. We don’t know what happened to Ms. Logan that day and it will be up to Lara Logan to set the record straight which is what some in the media are calling on her to do. You can read another account of a woman from the international media covering the same story on the same day at the same time here. As she points out she was lucky, and she was scared, and I doubt she will ever place herself in a similar position. Ms. Logan has my heart felt sympathy as does every human victim of mob violence. The specifics of the assault don’t interest me because there is nothing for me to learn from them. I won’t mix in a large crowd celebrating the overthrow of a repressive government under any circumstance and I’m not easily intimidated.

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