March 2, 2011


From A Little Pink in a World of Camo by Mrs P -
Mr. P's birthday was last Saturday. You know, we never got to spend a single birthday together. The first birthday he was in NC and I was in MD and I sent him a birthday package, the second he was in 'Stan and I sent him a birthday package and this year he was in Heaven. I had wanted to plan a benefit concert and raise money to donate to AWP and TAPS on his birthday, but thanks to the club promoter that fell through. The weird thing is the band I wanted to play just happened to be playing in Wilmington on his actual birthday. At the same lil bar we went and saw them together. My friend happened to be in Wilmington and saw an ad for it and called right away. A couple friends and I of course headed down. I had asked them to sing him happy birthday but it had gotten over looked on the set list, so afterwards they apologized to me and sang a happy birthday to him for me privately. It was definitely pretty rad. I had a great time celebrating the birth of my love with my friends. And was once again reminded of what awesome friends I have - I love you guys!

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