March 2, 2011

The Gratitude Post: The Paratrooper's Garden

From The Kitchen Dispatch by Kanani -
Yes, get out your hankies...

People who truly possess a green thumb, usually live life with a full heart. The late SGT James Nolen of the 2/508, 82nd Airborne had one, and anticipated gardening at his house near Ft. Bragg, NC when his deployment ended. His wife Rachel writes:

"When we moved into our new house before James deployed all he could talk about was how much he couldn't wait to plant trees, have nice gardens, and a beautiful yard. James had a green thumb so there was no doubt that he would have done it. But unfortunately things got so busy before he deployed we never got to begin his gardens."
His plans were never realized because her husband was killed in Afghanistan in November 2009. He died shortly before his and Rachel's first wedding anniversary. In addition to leaving behind Rachel, there was also his 7 year old stepson Will, and his daughter Jamie (who had yet to be born). No doubt, the garden he planned would have been a place for the children to run, pick flowers, climb trees, and find shade on hot summer days.

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